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Hi, I'm Valeria Matchak and I'm Licensed Interior Designer. Since 2011 i work with architectural firms, building materials and furniture companies in my hometown.What I'm offering is an original interior design for your space. I will put my whole creativity to build a special place for you and your love ones, or why not — your clients. My work includes AutoCad and 3DsMax programs where i do: .Change and Decorate the interior you need to be renewed .Interior design views .2D drawings like projects, flats, floor & ceiling planning .3D models for your furniture .List of materials that you need with details about constructions and decorations .Best recommendations about ergonomics and style in your home, office, kids room or even restaurant with the ability to provide my customer’s there desired outcome. For more check my website: matchak-designs.webs.com or my facebook account: Matchak-designs.If you have any other questions, contact me, it would be a pleasure to work on your project.
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